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Did you know that many researches and surveys state that today Internet is surprisingly considered more dangerous than school violence, or even sexually transmitted diseases! Why don’t allow parental control software or Internet safety to help you protect your children? Because the Internet leads children to these all of risky problems and information, yet many guardians ignore this matter. Without Internet monitoring, the increasingly harmful of Internet cannot be controlled; however we can limit Internet access of your children with the better Internet monitoring. ICT Housekeeper provides you with the efficient web blocking system and excellent Internet monitoring software. ICT Housekeeper and Clean Cyber, an affiliate of the product, offer you a better choice for web blocking and Internet safety. Working as a spy software, ICT Housekeeper parental control can block and report you automatically how your children receive information when they face the online world including web surfing, conversation in chat room, or game online addiction. Is it not good to be free from concern about Internet danger? Leave all your concern to be the duty of ICT Housekeeper parental control software the trustful Internet safety which gathers trustworthiness from over 300,000 clients in Southeast Asia.

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In Thailand, computer and Internet are increasingly important due to the development of IT and communication technology worldwide. Both public and private sectors especially academies use these technologies as the necessary facilities and reinforce students’ education. There are tremendous advantages of computer 1and Internet; however, it can lead the users to any bad information, so using computer and Internet without suitable control might approach to information that cause the users troubles, especially the youth. There is much unsuitable information contained in Internet; for example pornography, homosexual, gamble, drug, aggression or improper computer usage for infringing others right about sex on the students, youths or adult. Moreover, playing internet game without control and supervision might leads youth and society to serious problems, such as imitation of aggressive behavior from Internet and computer games, attacking other people with harmful arms, youth suicide, and drug addict. Surprisingly, the age of the wrongdoers tends to be decrease. Prof. Dr. Pongchai Nilas has been researching and developing an information classification system for over ten years, and it later became a program for preventing covert risks from the internet. In 2007, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, and Ministry of Education set up a project to distribute the program for youths, students, academies, and general citizens. The aims of the project are to prevent unsuitable website and to limit duration of using computers, the internet, and games. Over three hundred thousand of public and private organizations, guardians, and residents have utilized the House Keeper program.

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The best parental control software in south-east Asia. The most trusted software with more than 300,000 clients.